Our Wines

We currently stock over 200 wines in The Wine Pair as well as Sherry, Port and other fortified wines. A high percentage of our wines are organic, biodynamic and we also cater for those who like their ‘Orange, ‘Natural’ or Vegan friendly wines.

We have created a dynamic list largely made up of wines from small independent producers who farm sustainably . We continue to expand our range with interesting and exciting wines from small artisan producers and we taste each and every wine before it is selected for our shelves.

Our wine list is comprehensive and changes regularly, so the full list is not shown here.

Some of our Favourite Wine Styles

Just a small selection of some of our favourite wines here at The Wine Pair. We've focussed on some wines that make really great pairings with food and included a few possibilities to whet your palate.

  • Meinklang Gruner Veltliner

    Austria:  €21
    A peppery character and flavours of green apple and grapefruit. This balanced white wine holds it own with well-seasoned foods, like spicy sausages, and rich pastas.

  • Gerard Ambroise Bourgogne Aligote

    Burgundy, France:  €20
    Aligoté - the second white grape of Burgundy is making a comeback and is a strong favourite of ours. This has an intriguing nose of pear, citrus and herbs.  Textbook strong acidity make this a fresh wine, but fleshy texture and ripe citrus notes also give it some body.  There’s also a strong mineral streak which is almost metallic in character.  This is a tangy, mouth-watering and delicious example of the grape.  Ambroise themselves suggest pairing it with fish, and especially Sushi.

  • Babich Sauvignon Blanc

    Marlborough, New Zealand:  €24
    This award-winning Black Label Sauvignon Blanc is blended from Babich’s estate-owned vineyards in Marlborough and while it retains the crisp characteristics of the region, it has a slightly richer and more textural complexity on the palate, with fleshy tropical fruits and a lingering finish. The citrus flavours and grassy notes in a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc make it a great pairing with green vegetables and dishes with herbs - think salads, roast green vegetables or a delicious Pasta Pesto.

  • Guimaro Mencia

    Ribeira Sacra, Spain:  €21 
    With aromas of violet and maraschino cherry - the palate is light and open with soft red fruits and a balanced bitterness of rose stem with fresh acidity and a clean floral finish. Perfect with duck dishes or a nice cheese platter.

  • Geil Pinot Noir

    Germany:  €20
    Robust, earthy wine with lovely red berry flavours. This will pair well with light meat dishes - especially if mushrooms are part of the dish

  • Due di Due

    Puglia, Italy:  €16.50
    Lupo Meraviglia, Due di Due, Negroamaro/Malvasia is a real customer favourite  - the ripe fruits on the nose of blackcurrant, blackberry & blueberry with elegant notes of balsamic & liquorice - full bodied with soft tannins on the palate. This would be a perfect match for most meat dishes especially BBQ Pork.

  • Gobillard Champagne

    Champagne, France, Sparkling:  €45
    A great value ‘Growers’ Champagne. Lovely, soft texture with summer fruits, brioche and a creamy edge; mineral notes and citrus fruit are found on its fresh, bright, zippy ending. Go crazy and pair with crispy fried chicken - that classic bright acidity in champagne slices through the grease of anything deep-fried, cleansing your palate between bites

Our Wines on Tap

Our Wines-on-Tap are a great way of trying new wines and grape varieties – served in our refillable branded bottles. The wine comes in kegs that are designed in a way that makes it impossible for the wine to come into contact with oxygen. There’s no cork so no chance of corked wine, and the hermetic environment means that there’s no chance of an oxidised, stale last glass of wine, so there’s no wastage. Once tapped each keg will stay in perfect condition for a minimum of two months. And once they’re empty, they can be recycled. A fun, green way to experience wine.

 Our current Wines on Tap are:

White - Grecanico (Sicily, Italy)

Orange - Gruner Veltliner (Austria)

White - Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Rosé - (Languedoc, France)

Red - Assi Rossi (Sangiovese/Montepulciano Blend) (Italy)

Red - Beaujolais (France)

Red - Tempranillo (Spain)

Red - Malbec (France)


Some of our Favourite Wine Styles

At The Wine Pair, we've gone out of our way to source artisan wines from independent wine producers and some of our favourite styles are those with minimal intervention, seeking to work with nature in the viticultural and vinification processes.
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